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  • Image of BI5 U Lock
  • Image of BI5 U Lock
  • Image of BI5 U Lock
  • Image of BI5 U Lock

Locking your bike is about using the right tools for the job. The robust yet pocketable BI5 U-Lock comes in two sizes. The Original BI5 U-Lock{5" inches} is perfect for when you’re running into the bakery, or grabbing a coffee. The Large {7" inches} is great for locking your frame and wheels for an extended period.

When your bike is at a higher level of risk,. using the Large to secure your frame and rear wheel, in conjunction with the Original to secure the front wheel, is an excellent way to protect your bike.
The BI5 with its hardened anti-cut steel shackle and locking pin, plus keyless locking is a perfect lock for security around town.

Key Features:
- compact
- light weight
- secure
- 3 keys, push button locking,
- hardened steel shackle and locking pin

Internal - 70mm x 128mm
External - 101mm x 172mm
Thickness - 15mm (all round)
Weight - 500 grams

Internal - 70mm x 178mm
External - 101mm x 221mm
Thickness - 15mm (all round)
Weight - 550 grams